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Linda Callen, Breast Cancer Survivor

Linda’s Breast Cancer Survival Story

Linda was diagnosed with breast cancer earlier this year after performing her own self-examination and finding a lump. Linda’s doctor informed her that women her age no longer required mammograms, unfortunately, he was wrong. In May, Linda had surgery to remove the cancer and radiation started in June. Radiation was rough and very tiring for Linda, but she is strong, and she persevered! Today, Linda is feeling better and taking one day at a time. 

Linda deserves our employee of the month for October. Throughout her cancer journey, Linda has remained dedicated to her client, communicated her needs, and continued to take care of herself. Here is what Mrs. Elie Casterline says about her, “Linda has been caring for my mother for the past 6 months and we can’t praise her enough for the difference she has made in my mother’s life. While she is there to care for mom, she is most importantly her friend. They talk and laugh together. Linda is patient with her when she has trouble remembering what she wants to say and goes with the flow when what she is saying doesn’t make a whole lot of sense. Linda provides great care and does it with compassion. Her dedication to my mother, even through her ordeal with cancer, went above and beyond what we expected from her. She has richly blessed our lives more than she can possibly know”.

Linda is the face of strength, grace, and dedication. This month, we celebrate LoveWatch TLC’S own Breast Cancer Survivor, Linda Callen!

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